Lenora Boyle

As a Happiness Mindset Coach for the last 30 years, Lenora created transformational travel opportunities with Italy Retreats for Women and  Your Sweet Life Workshops that give women a chance to develop a happiness mindset and release limiting beliefs, while feasting on every delight that Italy has to offer.

Lenora is also a Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer, Option Method Facilitator, and Parenting Coach, who specializes in helping women become the most authentic version of themselves. She is an expert in helping you dissolve limiting beliefs in order to live a life of greater freedom and joy, manifest your desires with confidence, gain more trust in your intuition and experience more inner peace.   

She has been a colleague, teacher, and coach to Marci Shimoff. They have shared studies and the journey of personal growth together for the last four decades.  Lenora has been happily married for 39 years and is the mother of two delightful adult children.

Lenora believes that you can live life on your own terms and fulfill your heart’s desires. She lives la dolce vita – the sweet life – and supports you to do the same. She is committed to helping you live in the Miracle Zone and put your ‘sweet life’ in motion.


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