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Leila Reyes, MSW

Learn more about Leila:

Leila is a lead coach with Your Year of Miracles. She has a Masters in Social Work, is a Hakomi graduate (somatic psychotherapy) and a licensed facilitator of Get Clients Now™. Leila is certified in Conscious Uncoupling™, Spiritual Divorce, Calling in “The One” and Best Year of Your Life.

Leila knows how to set healthy boundaries in her own life. After successfully healing herself of childhood trauma, she now lives a life filled with safety, reliability, and authenticity. She can help you do the same.

Leila is known for her compassionate and gentle strength and capacity to insightfully guide you along your journey and remember yourself as being inherently whole and complete as you are. She has been called a miracle worker by her clients and will help you create the miraculous life you’ve been longing for.

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