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Alex McIntyre Klein

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Clients working with Alex experience a deep inner clarity and recognition of their own miraculous essence, and learn to easily access their innate gifts and abilities. Alex is skilled at detecting and facilitating the release of stored trauma, limiting beliefs, and emotional blocks that are in the way of fully healing, and living your full potential. Learn to let go of the past, embody the love and magnificence of your own Divine Self, and live the life You know you were born to live. Intuitive, insightful, healing, and transformative, her sessions are an invitation to directly awaken to your heart’s deepest wisdom, your Soul’s calling, and your Divine life purpose.

Alex has been a spiritual coach and teacher of meditation for almost fifty years. She has a BA in Humanities/Philosophy, is a Teacher/Trainer of the Transcendental Meditation Program and was personally mentored and encouraged to teach by beloved master of Non-Duality, Jean Klein. She is a Certified Happy for No Reason® Trainer and has trained with the Institutes for Achievement of Human Potential, Myers-Briggs, Real Life Optimization, Ho’Oponopono with Dr. Hew Len, Four-Fold Way with Angeles Arrien, Sedona Method, and Zen Hospice Project, among others. Outside of spiritual pursuits and study, Alex is a former television anchorwoman, a sought-after media consultant, the former owner of a million-dollar business, and the founder of Programs for Profound Peace and Healing.

This is Alex’s third year as an Accelerated Coach for Your Year of Miracles.

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