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AlexSandra Leslie

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For many decades AlexSandra has been deeply immersed in the work of personal and spiritual transformation. She brings unique tools, techniques and wisdom to her clients and is known for creating an atmosphere of sacred listening and loving Presence, helping women unfold and live the life they were meant to live in joy, ease, health and delight. She helps her clients shift their perspectives and use practical tools to release the stress and traumas from their past, allowing them to experience more freedom in all areas of their lives. She supports her clients to awaken to their magnificence and guides them in how to live from a greater love, fulfilling a sense of their right destiny.

AlexSandra has a Master’s degree in Communications and Human Behavior, coaching certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Conscious Living and Loving, Results Coaching, The Sedona Method, Myers Briggs and Transcendental Meditation. She’s been mentoring leaders for over 30 years and teaching meditation for over 40. Her greatest joy is sharing her expertise as a Master Trainer and Certified Energy Codes® Coach, and as a BEST and Spiritual BEST practitioner, supporting people in the amazing lifestyle training of Your Year of Miracles.

This is AlexSandra’s fourth year as an Inner Circle Year of Miracles Coach.

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