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Diane Albano

Learn more about Diane:

Diane is committed to and promotes lifelong growth and development for her clients. Diane loves to support and encourage women and men to envision their heart-felt desires and to know it is possible to create lives that are far greater than their current circumstances. Working with Diane you will expand your belief in yourself, learn to trust yourself more , have more freedom and allow yourself to have more fun!

Diane is a Certified Life Coach, Dream Builder Coach, Life Mastery Consultant and a Certified Happy For No Reason® Trainer and an educator for over 40 years. She works with women’s groups empowering them to speak their truth with confidence and love. In 2020 she published her first book, The Art of Being Nice, Own Your Voice for Greater Fulfillment, and was honored to have it endorsed by Marci Shimoff.

This is Diane’s fifth year as an active Your Year of Miracles member and Inner Circle participant and her third year as an Accelerated Coach.

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