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Meet Your Inner Circle Miracles Coaches below

Leila Reyes

Leila Reyes is a Relationship and Life Coach who helps women gain emotional freedom & develop the advanced relationship skills needed to create a life filled with happy healthy love and relationships starting with themselves 


Valentina Galante

Valentina Galante is a Happiness Coach who specializes in helping women overcome low self-esteem, let go of overwhelm, and find balance in their lives so they can experience unconditional self-love, lasting inner peace, and kick-ass joy.

Christina Marlett

Christina Martlett is an Embodiment and Spiritual Coach who helps high achievers move beyond striving, pushing and forcing so that they become productive and peaceful at the same time.



Rena Boone

Rena Boone is a Transformational Life Coach who helps her clients to  step into their greatness by overcoming limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors and by gaining knowledge and experience of the universal laws of manifestation in order to live their soul’s calling and purpose in life. 

Gina Lombardo

Gina Lombardo is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a Happy for No Reason® Certified Trainer and an Energy Codes® Facilitator who is passionate about empowering women who are ready to live their dreams, embrace their unique gifts, and become the hero in their own lives.


Cindy Chipchase

Cindy Chipchase is a Certified Master Life Coach and Healer who is passionate about helping women create a life where self-care and self-love are not only something you “practice” but your way of being, of living as your Soulful Self!




Mary Garvey Horst

Mary Garvey Horst is a Certified Energy Codes® coach and experienced Psychotherapist who guides her clients toward conscious transformation through the embodiment of authentic essence by integrating mind, body and spirit into a miraculous life of greater positivity, health, and financial abundance.

Karen Hamby

Karen Hamby is a Success and Wellbeing Coach who helps others master their energy, and their mindset so they can awaken their consciousness, step into their own magnificence and thrive. 





Liz Archibald

Liz Archibald is a deeply experienced Coach, specializing in helping women find their own powerful presence and voice so they can communicate with strength and authenticity.  






Lenora Boyle

Lenora Boyle is a Happiness Coach who is passionately devoted to empowering women to break free from their limiting beliefs, so they triumphantly manifest their heart’s desires with joy and courage.


Kris Torgrimson

Kris Torgrimson is a Law of Attraction Life Coach who supports her clients in achieving personal freedom in all areas of life through mindset shifts and the harnessing of universal and spiritual laws.


Jackie Phillips

Jackie Phillips is a Certified Life, Career and Strengths Coach, who helps women recognize, embrace and master their innate talents and individual strengths so they can experience success in their personal and professional lives.

Kim Forcina

Kim Forcina is a Business Coach who works with coaches and healers to offer their hearts, creative projects and online programs to the world while enjoying emotional balance, self-empowerment and living from Spirit.


Shelly Roby

Shelly May Roby is a Transformational Creative Development Producer and Catalyst Coach who supports visionary organizations in the creation of their online media products and individuals who are ready to get their messages out and into the world.

Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor is an Intuitive Business Coach and Spiritual Guide who supports transformational leaders and entrepreneurs in aligning their work with their values so they can create soul-inspired lives and businesses that they love.


Meta Mehling

Meta Mehling is an inspiringly honest and insightful thinking partner to Fortune 100 execs and entrepreneurs who want to leverage their strengths to activate their highest potential, increase impact and realize unprecedented success